Frameless goggles made from recycled plastic, with magnetic yellow lens
Recycled plastic goggles with interchangeable yellow lens
Red7 case and microfibre cloth bag for snow goggles
Red7 Ski Wear magnetic lens for ski goggles
R7SW Performance Ski Goggles - Yellow magnetic lens + free rainbow lens

R7SW Performance Ski Goggles - Yellow magnetic lens + free rainbow lens

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Recycled plastic goggles from Red7SkiWear. 

Yellow mirrored lens  - Performs best in bright conditions, good in overcast conditions. 

Our R7SW goggles are made from recycled plastic and come with interchangeable components, designed to reduce plastic waste and last a lifetime.  Retain your frame and update your lens or strap as often as you like.  Our interchangeable lenses are held securely in place with magnets, the removable straps are backed with silicone grip, and our flexible TPU frames come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Features include: 

  • Dual layer lenses engineered for optimal visual clarity
  • 100% UV protection
  • Triple layer anti scratch lens coating
  • Interchangeable magnetic lenses.  Easily change your lens, even with your gloves on!
  • Rimless spherical design maximises peripheral vision
  • Flexible TPU frame and triple layer density foam for a perfect fit
  • Interchangeable strap
  • Our goggles are designed with multiple vents designed to increase air flow and prevent fogging
  • Adjustable silicone backed strap to keep your goggles firmly in place on your helmet
  • Our goggles are designed and tested to fit most modern helmets
  • All goggles come with a protective case and microfibre cloth bag

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