Why One Piece Ski Suits are back in Style.

Are One Piece Ski Suits in Fashion? YES! - Red7SkiWear

As a ski wear brand touting the return of the all-in-one ski suit, we are often asked if the much-loved snow suits are making a comeback. The answer, YES!  And with the likes of fashionista, Victoria Beckham sporting a one piece snow suit on her latest trip to the slopes, you don't just have to take our word for it. One trip to Chamonix, Verbier, or Whistler and you will undoubtedly find yourself alongside someone in a skiing onesie.

Not just a style statement (because who didn't think that the 80's style retro ski suit was cool)more and more people are returning to the comfort and freedom a one piece ski suit provides, with only needing to fork out for half the gear - At Red7SkiWear we have taken this view one step further by designing our modern-day take of the all in one ski suit to be suitable for whatever your mountain activity, at any time in the season; one suit, all season.

With no snow skirts or belts and fasteners to deal with, you can simply step in and out of your outfit after a long day on the mountain; whilst our internal strap design means you'll never leave your jacket at the après bar again. Whether you're too hot, or cold, a one piece ski suit allows for greater heat circulation in the colder Winter days - so no more looking like the Michelin man - whilst providing greater surface area for core ventilation zones in the tropical Spring months.

Finally, quite simply one of the most important benefits of an all in one ski suit - there are some places snow shouldn’t go! So say goodbye to snow down your back, and save your dosh for that new board - One piece suits are back.

+ Pros

  • Increased comfort on and off the slopes
  • Cheaper than buying a trouser/jacket combo
  • Warmer in the Winter: increased heat circulation due to lack of seams for those cold white-out days
  • Cooler in the Spring: increased ventilation for core heat areas (we promise, it's not contradictory!)
  • Looks great

At Red7SkiWear our CG1 All-in-One ski suit range is suitable for both skiers and boarders alike. Designed with ski and board mavens across the globe, we have modernised the well-loved ski onesie. Functional, stylish and exceptionally made check out our shop page for a full list of it's features.