FIT-SKI, is the newest way to keep fit in London. Located in London’s largest indoor ski centre, Chel-Ski, just off the Kings Road in Chelsea. You can enjoy this thoroughly exhausting 1 hour ski regime to help you keep fit and active instead of visiting your local gym or fitness studio. Join them and their personal trainers on the #urbanmountain throughout the year every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am-9am.

We asked the team at Chel-Ski what exactly Fit-Ski was and the benefits for your everyday health regime! 

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Why Fit –Ski?

Skiing typically uses different major muscle groups to any other cardiovascular activity. Doing ski related activity and exercise pre and during your holiday and trips can improve your performance and reduce your chance of injury significantly. It is widely thought that preparation should occur at least 10-12 weeks prior to ski trips building in intensity and duration in the lead up to your trip. 

Key areas:

  • Knees / pelvis / ankles / glutes
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Weight distribution
  • Body Position and sensory feeling
  • Cardiovascular fitness 

Before skiing (or any sport) it’s essential to prepare your body for the sports activity you are soon to do. When we ski we usually are operating in a cold environment and go from being very static to then skiing at a high intensity and having to exert sudden and large amounts of stress our muscles to a high degree with very little or no preparation in between.

Not being ‘ski’ ready can lead to muscular problems due to the intensity of pressure require on knees and joints in the body. Lateral movements are also key in skiing due to the constant change of plane of movement from side to side or forward and back. 

Click here to view the promotional video from Chel-Ski Ambassador Chemmy Alcott.

Fit-Ski Sessions run for 1 hour which includes:

Warm up

A dynamic warm up routine should be used to get your body and muscles warm and ready for the exertion that it will be exposed to during a typical day on the slopes! Doing a set routine before you hit the slopes each day will ensure you reduce the risk of injury each time you set foot on the slopes.

Main session

Skiing on slope – no previous ski experience needed. All skills required will be very basic and easy to pick up. Session is open to all as a new way to keep fit all through the year. Another way to work out without needing to go to the gym.

Off slope focused exercises such as squats / lunges / light bodyweight exercise / Some resistance and light weighted exercises / intense session / varied focus from legs / core/ upper body / cardio.

Cool down 

Just as important as the warm up to reduce the risk of injury and to remove waste products such as lactic acid from your body before your next form of exercise therefore decreasing the time it takes for your body to recover each time you exercise.



  • £20 for 2 first sessions - Trial
  • £20 per session after (individual pay as you go)
  • £95 “Green Slope Package” – 5 sessions
  • £180 “Blue Slope Package” – 10 sessions
  • £255 “Red Slope Package” – 15 sessions
  • £320 “Black Slope Package” – 20 sessions 

*Each session includes all equipment / Qualified PT

*Each session includes free health shake after session